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Penelope Two Book (Deluxe Edition)

from Penelope Trappes

Deluxe visual edition of ‘Penelope Two.’ 40 page hardcover 7” x 7” photo book, along with the digital album and a bonus 5 track digital EP ‘Withdrawn’.

Designed to fit within a 7” record collection, there is a semblance of calm strength and endurance to the intimate images of Penelope by Agnes Haus within fragile environments. Mostly clothes-free photos as a statement of freedom, purity, anti-fashion, as well as a comment on humanity’s consumption and destruction of nature.

The words, taken from Penelope’s notes and lyrics for the LP, tell a story that pits the light against the dark that exists within all of us.

An email will be sent to you with a link to all 24-bit WAV tracks upon purchase.

01 Silence
02 Connector
03 Burn On
04 Kismet
05 Carry Me
06 Maeve
07 Exodus
08 Farewell
09 For You
10 Nite Hive
11 Sonia
12 Interlude 2
13 Helen
14 Aspect
15 Bliss

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Penelope Trappes London, UK

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